Logitech Keyboard Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 10.1 (Wi-Fi® Only) - 920-003594

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Product Summary

Mfg Part#: 920-003594
Rakuten.com Sku: 223796070
UPC: 097855080226
UPC 14: 00097855080226
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Product Description

A Logitech Keyboard Case by ZAGG is your perfect on-the-go companion. Smart and sleek, Zagg's award winning protective case design provides an extra measure of convenience and style. Works with the new Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 P5100

Take a Stand:

A recess just behind the keyboard holds your tablet at the ideal angle for typing.

Just your type:

The Logitech-designed wireless keyboard pairs quickly and easily over Bluetooth. And the keyboard charges over USB, so you never need to worry about replacing batteries.

Get there quick:

Shortcut keys provide quick access to common commands like cut, paste, return to home screen and more.

Soft on the inside:

The inside corners are lined with high-density padding to help cushion and protect your Galaxy Tab if accidentally dropped.

Better together:

The ideal match for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Keyboard Case is carefully crafted from precision-cut, aircraft-grade aluminum, so it fits, feels and looks great.

System Requirements:

USB Power Adapter or computer with powered USB port for recharging.

Tech Specs

Tech Specs
  • Bluetooth: HID
  • Tech Specs
  • Width: 118 mm (4.65 inch)
  • Tech Specs
  • Depth/length: 15 mm (0.59 inch)
  • Tech Specs
  • Height: 261 mm (10.27 inch)
  • Tech Specs
  • Weight: 350 g (12.35 ounce)
  • Tech Specs
  • Works with Wi-Fi only version of Samsung Galaxy Tab
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      Quality and Dependability 1/8/2013

      This is the best keyboard for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. The adjustable and convenient height will vary for most people but for me it works very well

      HELPFUL?: Yes No

      Keyboard good fit for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.2 1/7/2013

      The keyboard case (yes it is also a case) is a surprisingly very good fit for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.2 and matches it's finish. The Tablet fits into the keyboard and creates a carrying case. Setting up the Bluetooth keyboard to the Tablet is very simple. To use the Keyboard you place the Tablet either vertical or horizontally into a slot located on the keyboard. A final important note. This is not a full size keyboard. It is designed for mobility as a case and keyboard for the Galaxy Tab 10.2

      HELPFUL?: Yes No

      Love the keyboard... 1/5/2013

      The keyboard is great. Easy to connect and very useful when you have to do alot of typing. Still getting used to it. Slightly smaller than a standard keyboard, but definitely easier than typing on the screen. Only wish there was something to cover the back to keep it from scratching.

      HELPFUL?: Yes No

      BlueTooth Logitech Keyboard 1/4/2013
      Lu Luapam from Southlake, Tx.  

      Keyboard works great with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 . Had to download a generic bluetooth application from the internet before my tablet would find the keyboard and then everything is fine except that all of a sudden a few of my keys have stopped working while typing this review. Specifically the period key, and open bracket key. Have to use the screen keyboard for these. Hopefully just a temporary problem. The keyboard case also fits the Tab 2 10.1 just fine.

      HELPFUL?: Yes No

      very good 12/29/2012
      Marcin from romeoville,il  

      everything works great except i have no idea how to turn off poping keyboard on the screen when i am using logitech keyboard. why there are both working at the same time. that is annoying cause it takes half of the screen and i bought logitech to see more of it(the screen)....i can not figure it out...

      HELPFUL?: Yes No

      Pleasant transaction 12/28/2012
      jon from Oklahoma City  

      Received the Logitech Bluetooth keyboard which looks to be very nice as described by seller.

      HELPFUL?: Yes No

      keyboard 12/28/2012
      Marcia from Fort Worth  

      Works great,very easy to setup.

      HELPFUL?: Yes No

      works with 7' 12/28/2012

      I bought this to use with my 7" Samsung. Connected immediately no issues so far

      HELPFUL?: Yes No

      Logitech Keyboard 12/28/2012
      Luke from Broadview Heights Ohio  

      Great price, great item, and very fast shipping.

      HELPFUL?: Yes No

      Great Product Great Service 12/28/2012
      Sherry from DC  

      This product like all Logitech is a high-quality peripheral at an extremely affordable price. Would recommend this item and this merchant to my friends

      HELPFUL?: Yes No

      Great enhancement for Samsung Galaxie! 10/3/2012

      The Logitech keyboard accessory for the Samsung Galaxy is a great addition to an already fantastic tablet! The keyboard attaches/connects with the Galaxy seamlessly and appears to be of sturdy construction. For the money, you'd be foolish not to have one of these!

      HELPFUL?: Yes No

      Great product! 8/30/2012

      this item is awesome. Very well made, and easy to sync up.

      HELPFUL?: Yes No

      Top quality keyboard 8/30/2012
      John from Shelton, Ct.  

      Love this keyboard! fits tablet perfectly. Very well made.

      HELPFUL?: Yes No
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